Straight Eight Logistics

Our recommended logistics partner, Straight Eight Logistics offer a door to door or warehouse to warehouse service at a special BOIR rate.  Telephone Tara or Jeneen directly on +44(0)2035 404929 or email:

Straight Eight operate with their own fleet of fully enclosed transporters which are specifically designed to cater for the complex and highly specialised movements of luxury, classic and vintage cars.

Vehicles are insured up to £8million per load (this cover can be extended) and are subject to a detailed visual inspection prior to collection and after delivery.

Their Conditions of carriage, which include their cancellation policy can be found here.


DFDS Ferry

DFDS is the World’s Leading Ferry Operator ​- Offering frequent ferry crossings​ to Europe.

Receive a 25% discount with DFDS crossings.
You will receive a discount code once your ticket application is accepted.