Event: Best of Italy Festival 2018
Date: 15 – 16 September 2018
From: ACI Sport

1. Introduction
Welcome to the third edition of Best of Italy Festival, a celebration of Italian design and engineering that will see the finest supercars
+ motorbikes run through the Arda Valley, here in this stunning region of Emilia-Romagna.

As hosts of this event it is our duty to ensure you have an unforgettable experience over the course of the weekend, while ensuring the safety of our participants, staff and visitors to the festival. This document contains information on how to keep you and those around you safe throughout the weekend. In order to drive the closed-road course it is your responsibility to acknowledge and adhere to the information herein.

2. Closed road hill-climb
The Best of Italy Festival 2018 includes a non-competitive hill-climb on Saturday and Sunday morning for supercars and motorcycles, taking place on a closed, 26km stretch of road between Castell’Arquato and Morfasso.
The main points to make clear are as follows:

• Vehicles will not be timed or running against the clock. This is a non-competitive event.
• A pace car will lead each group of cars/motorcycles as they leave from the starting grid
• Passing the pace car is strictly prohibited
• Marshals will be present throughout the course and their instructions must be followed
• Follow the line of the pace cars; driving in the middle of the road when possible, especially along the 1.9km straight.
• The rules of the road must be Adhered to
*If the vehicle in front has slowed, has hazard lights on or indicating for you to pass, slow your vehicle and approach and pass with caution. Only speed up when it is safe to do so.

3 Your vehicle
It is important that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe to drive. If your vehicle is considered ‘road-legal’ then it must be fully insured, taxed and certified to its residing country’s laws, i.e. current MOT for UK vehicles.
If your vehicle is of competition specification or not ‘road-legal’, it is only permitted to use the course route between the paddock and starting line-up. A special insurance will be required . We recommend Brachero Costa, our sponsors, for competitive insurance.
We recommend that all participating cars have a tow-hook, please fit this in the paddock before 10am.
For Drivers Only: You will need an ACI racing license to comply with ACI Sport Regulations – valid for twelve months and available at our BOIR offices at the special reduced rate of 40 euros.

4 Clothing and Safety
We fully recommend race suits be worn, although not compulsory.
Crash helmets are not compulsory in cars, but also highly recommended, especially for open top cars.
Crash helmets, protective leathers and gloves are compulsory for motorcycle riders.
Crash helmets are compulsory in non-road legal vehicles.

5 Safety Flags
Flags will be used by course marshals as follows:

Italian Flag (Startline) Held aloft at start line, go once the flag is dropped
Yellow Flag Minor incident on course, slow down, no overtaking
Red Flag Serious incident on course, slow down, no overtaking
Chequered Flag Indicates the end of the course, slow down, follow directions to park

6 In the Event of an Incident
Every effort has been made to make the course a safe environment for you to enjoy, however in the event of an incident such as a major
mechanical failure or a collision, please follow the guidelines below.
If there is an incident ahead of you:

• Slow your vehicle and pass carefully
• Do not stop, continue under flag shown by the Marshals

If you are involved in an incident:
• Switch on hazard warning lights as soon as possible
• Slow and stop your vehicle safely with consideration of others around you
• Pull over to the right where possible
• Get out of your vehicle only when it is safe to do so
• Leave your vehicle and move to safety, preferably behind a safety barrier
• A safety vehicle will recover your vehicle to the paddock
• If emergency service assistance is required a marshal will contact them*
*If you are not within sight of a marshal, call 112 to alert emergency services

7 Awards
This year, we will present our Marques of Excellence Awards to stand out acts at our Saturday evening cocktail party. Categories include:

• Best Supercar – supported by Scuderia de Adamich
• Best Motorbike – supported by Moto.it
• Raciest looking Supercar – supported by Giuliano Mazzuoli
• Rarest Supercar – supported by Dallara
• Standout Bike – supported by Dainese / AGV
• Standout Female Rider – Manuela Maurutto Aerografie
• Nicely Matured Specimen – supported by La Pria Wines
• Best Noise – supported by Special Mr Martini
• Spirit of BOIR – supported by Acqua di Parma
• Best Competition Car – supported by OMP
• Best Off the line  – supported by Midland
• Best Guzzi / supported by Guareschi Moto