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10:02 AM 1 anno ago

Ferrari 599 GTB at Vernasca Silver Flag Hillclimb


5:00 PM 1 anno ago

What a brilliant weekend it has been!

Thanks to #Vernasca #SilverFlag for as usual putting on a spectacular event – Our team have been great and enjoyed every moment!

3:35 PM 1 anno ago

The Best of Italy team have had a blast at Vernasca Silver Flag

2:25 PM 1 anno ago

We caught this Chevron B18 Formula 2 from 1971 on the way back!

2:06 PM 1 anno ago

The Rain has started!

The weather has held up well all day, we couldn’t of had more perfect timing! #SilverFlag 2016

1:55 PM 1 anno ago


#AlbertoRastrelli is here with his 1964 #De #Sanctis 1000 SP 🔥

1:45 PM 1 anno ago

An abundance of cars here both classics and modern!

1:32 PM 1 anno ago

Final #lunch with a #great #view towards #Lugagnano Val d’arda from Vernasca’s #Pieve

1:13 PM 1 anno ago

Talking to Sandro Munari, the most famous pilot in Italy

12:50 PM 1 anno ago

Just Incredible!

The Meet and greet! How amazing is it to have all of these classic cars in one place! #VernascaSilverFlag #BOIF

12:33 PM 1 anno ago

Mario Cajani with the #Alfa #Romeo 1900 TI #Carrera #Panamericana #Mexico

12:17 PM 1 anno ago

The team enjoying themselves

12:01 PM 1 anno ago

Our #BestOfItalyFestival team Interviewing Arturo Merzario at #SilverFlag

11:29 AM 1 anno ago

Enzo is back in the #Ferrari 599, off to make the #BestOfItalyFestival team proud!

11:11 AM 1 anno ago

The Queues are building here at #VernascaSilverFlag

Our team are in place to meet them at the finish line!

10:28 AM 1 anno ago

Coys Safety Car poised for takeoff! #VernascaSilverFlag

10:20 AM 1 anno ago

Pleased to see this 1967 #Porsche 910 at #VernascaSilverFlag

10:01 AM 1 anno ago

Ottavio Stevan in his #Fiat #Abarth 2000 #Sport SE010

9:44 AM 1 anno ago

Fans arriving for #SilverFlag round 2 - #BOIF #italy #italia #castell #arquato #Vernasca

6:07 PM 1 anno ago

Thats it for today!

Our Media Team have done a great job, what a great day! we will be back first thing tomorow! See you all  for day two of The Vernasca Silver Flag 2016!

5:03 PM 1 anno ago

And putting his foot down!

5:00 PM 1 anno ago

Enzo Rolling up to start line...

3:52 PM 1 anno ago

Enzo double checking the route with co-driver Michele

3:40 PM 1 anno ago

The Ferrari 212e Berlinetta LeMans from 1951

3:18 PM 1 anno ago

The Ferrari 250 Cabriolet - Driven by Bruno Mayer

3:10 PM 1 anno ago

The Maserati A6GCS Sport 2000

3:07 PM 1 anno ago

We are seeing some incredible classic cars take part today - Stay tuned to see them!

1:52 PM 1 anno ago

A quick interview with michele Cavaciuti

12:51 PM 1 anno ago

Preparation has begun!

Everyone is waiting for the next race, the sun is out and we are nearly ready to start again!

12:37 PM 1 anno ago

The first car today was led by the #Mayor of #Castell #Arquato! #AlfaRomeo #Giulia #quadrifoglio

11:37 AM 1 anno ago

And the showers have started… Hail Tempest!

11:13 AM 1 anno ago

The Brollies are out!

10:38 AM 1 anno ago

Enzo Geared up for a big weekend!

9:10 AM 1 anno ago

James Stockdale is here!

Our UK Rep James Stockdale is here at #SilverFlag to answer all your questions about our september event!

8:30 AM 1 anno ago

A Great Start! #SilverFlag

A great shot from our ‪#‎MediaTeam‬ of this amazing Alfa Romeo at ‪#‎SilverFlag‬ ‪#‎BOIF‬ ‪#‎BestOfItalyFestival‬

8:23 AM 1 anno ago

Such a beautiful day for a wonderful event!

8:13 AM 1 anno ago

Vernasca Silver Flag

Everyone is here and ready for this years #VernascaSilverFlag and we couldn’t be more excited – Come and see us in the office to hear about our events this September!

About event

17-18-19 Giugno 2016, Vernasca Silver Flag

Cari amici,

come promesso ecco le schede di iscrizione alla 21° edizione della Vernasca Silver Flag ed alla 1° edizione del Silver Flag Track Day.

Il 2016 sarà non solo l’anno delle Alfa romeo da corsa ma di tutte le vetture da competizione costruite entro fino al 1972, anno dell’ultima edizione della Castell’Arquato Vernasca.

Come ogni anno cercheremo di avere il più vasto numero di modelli possibile, sicuramente ci saranno dei doppioni, è inevitabile,  non fatecene una colpa.

il 1° Silver Flag Track Day verrà confermato il 1° di marzo al raggiungimento del numero minimo di partecipanti e che verranno accettate le prima 75 adesioni.

Vi ricordiamo che mancano 153 all’inizio della Vernasca Silver Flag

21° Vernasca Silver Flag,It begins again! Club Piacentino Automotoveicoli Historical await the 17, 18 and 19 June 2016 for the 21st Vernasca Silver Flag, with your race car, with all your passion and our enthusiasm. The theme of the next edition will be “Alfa Romeo race cars”

The first event, for those wishing to participate, is the impromptu painting of Saturday, January 30 in Piacenza Piazza Cavalli from 11 to 15 where the students of the Art School Cassinari will go to create the logo that will accompany us throughout the year

Vernasca Silver Flag 2016

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