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11:23 PM 1 anno ago

BOIR 2016 Cycle Race Times

On Sunday Jodie Kidd competed for the King of the Mountain title on a Pinarello Dogma bicycle. Giancarlo Pirini went on to win the jersey in 41:31.02 minutes despite fierce competition.

Perini Giancarlo41:31:02
Garavaglia Giacomo42:03:03
Saccomanni Enrica42:03:04
Bruschi Mirco42:04:01
Capucciati Marcello42:18.2
Maiocci Gianluigi42:18:05
Pierluigi Eleuteri42:28:06
Randi Romano42:31:01
Indrizzi Giacomo42:37:04
Franchi Elena42:40:03
Calestani Davide42:52.5
Mancuso Michele42:52:06
Perini Mirco42:53.5
Lombardo Ilaria42:55:09
Girometta Giampaolo43:07:09
Michelotti Marco 43:08:01
Anselmi Eros43:15:03
Berte Cristian 43:15:09
Bardelloni Davide43:21:05
Fiornani Massimo43:41.1
Grassi Daniele 44:47.4
Schiavi Massimiliano 44:47.5
Anselmi Roberta45:33.3
Davoli Guido45:34.5
Agosti Ernestino 45:35.2
Pavesi Andrea Vitto Rio49:11.4
Berni Andrea49:11.9
Boffelli Lucantoni49:11.9
Mette Giovanni 50:50.0
Prati Lodovico53:33.1
Bravi Fabio55:01.7
Bravi Massimiliano56:46.0
Sabini Maurizio59:27.5
Evans Jodie01:06:44
Rossetti Domenico1:13:38.9
Cammi Saverio01:13:39
Bernardi Matteo01:20:30

11:21 PM 1 anno ago

BOIR 2016 Fixed Wheel Times

The Fixed Wheel Race saw intrepid cyclists including La Classica’s Nicholas Varani and Alessandro Carretti tackling the open road without gears or brakes. Alessandro Mariani won in 55:32.


Mariani Alessandro55:32.4
Borra Luca55:33:00
Collaccianni Fabrizio55:33.9
Di Fabio Angelom Pierluigi56:42.2
Galloni Paolo56:42.5
Varani Nicholas56:43.3
Salvadeo Luca56:45.4
Di Donato Alessandro56:47.5
Bassi Gianluca58:05.4
Carretti Alessandro58:22.4
Graffi Romano58:54.1
Gucci Giacomo59:08.9
Comberlato Nicola1:00:58.3
Piccione Andrea1:08:02.7

11:25 PM 1 anno ago

BOIR 2016 200m drag Times

Safety Car74:07:003494:02:00
Safety Car83:33:0058103:59:00
Safety Car85:10:0053105:57:00
Safety Car87:14:0021107:06:00
Safety Car88:23:003110:55:00
9590:00:00Formula Gloria111:16:00
3990:22:00Formula Gloria112:02:00
9391:02:00Safety Car122:02:00
Formula Gloria124:35:00

10:43 AM 1 anno ago

Lotteria Best of Italy

Durante l’elezione di Miss Supercar 2016, sono stati estratti i 12 numeri vincenti della Lotteria Best of Italy:
– Cappellino: 0549 / 0161 / 2101 / 0645
– T-shirt: 1079 / 1679
– Portachiavi: 0975 / 0265
– Ombrello: 1958 / 1249
– Guanti: 0451 / 1752

Tutti i fortunati vincitori possono ritirare il loro premio nel nostro ufficio in Via Dante Alighieri n°27 a Castell’Arquato (PC), ricordandosi di portare con sé il paddock pass vincente.

7:53 PM 1 anno ago

Morfasso - You are beautiful!

What an incredible weekend.. #BOIR16

Thankyou to the catering team, security staff, barrier installers, time-trap team & everyone else involved. You made this happen, bring on #BOIR17

7:06 PM 1 anno ago

Here's some great shots from over the weekend..

Stay tuned for some amazing footage from the #BOIR16 over the coming weeks!

6:00 PM 1 anno ago

Thank you to our Illustrous host..

Enzo Scalzo, for creating this unique and exciting event, an unprecedented birth and exciting spectacle. As a team we’re looking forward to future! #BOIF16

5:04 PM 1 anno ago

Our ten winners for the Fixed Bike race..

1st Place – Allesandro Mariani

2nd Place – Luca Borra

3rd Place – Fabrizio Collaccianni

4th Place – Pierluigi Angelom Di Fabio

5th Place – Paolo Galloni

6th Place – Nic Holas Variani

7th Place – Luca Salvadeo

8th Place – Allesandro Di Donato

9th Place – Gianluca Bassi

10th Place – Allesandro Carretti

4:52 PM 1 anno ago

Our Regular Bike race winners are as follows..

1st Place – Giancarlo Perini

2nd Place – Giacomo Garavaglia

3rd Place – Enrico Saccomanni

4:36 PM 1 anno ago

And The Winner of Best Of Italy Race 2016 is..

Joe Macari! Bringing the 458 Challenger Car.. The MC12 #Maserati.. & 4 beautiful bikes! and travelling the furthest with all of this! #BOIF16

1:52 PM 1 anno ago

Winning the best dressed couple award..

Martin Bishop & his beautiful partner Sarah! #BOIF16

1:34 PM 1 anno ago

The 200 meter drag goes to..

Allesandro Tinaburri! Well done for keeping our #Pacecar on the ground.. #BOIF16

11:45 AM 1 anno ago

The Fixed Bike Category..

Who will win? #staytuned! #BOIR16

11:09 AM 1 anno ago

And they're off!

The Cyclists are full of energy and raring to go! #BOIR16 #JodieKidd #TeamJodie

10:55 AM 1 anno ago

The cyclists are gearing up for the big race!

#TeamJodie #BOIR16 #JodieKidd #GURU #Dogma

10:34 AM 1 anno ago

There's still time!

Join in the fun and get to the sign up tent! – Take home a medal today! #BOIR16

10:28 AM 1 anno ago


Get to the starting line to catch the #Supercars #BOIR16 #PZero #ThePerfectFit

9:57 AM 1 anno ago

A wonderful start to the day!

Participants are arriving and the cars are revved up! #BOIR16

9:32 AM 1 anno ago

Check out this incredible #Polizia #Lamborghini

Want to see it up close? Paddock passes still available! €10 #BOIR16

9:04 AM 1 anno ago

Get to the registration desk now!

Have your chance to be crowned #KingOfTheMountain at #BOIR16

8:40 AM 1 anno ago

Today is the big day..

With our fixed wheel and classic #cycle race! All #cyclists welcome! #BOIR16 #cipollini

Visit us at the office to enter!

8:15 AM 1 anno ago

Good morning Castell'Arquato!

Beautiful shots from the 26 km hill climb, closed road incorporating a 1/4 mile drag.

This fabulous scenic route follows the Arda River, passing the Mignano Dam and climbing to the finish in Morfasso at 750 meters above sea level. #BOIR16

8:58 PM 1 anno ago

Congratulations to the winners of Miss #Motors #Concourse at #BOIR16

In 1st place – Monica Stamate, 2nd place – Rugiada Guidi, and in 3rd place -Paola Tumiati

7:59 PM 1 anno ago

There were some really cool #bikes here today..

#Ducati & #Brutale to name but a few.. Tune in tomorrow to see more in action #BOIF16

6:53 PM 1 anno ago

Still wondering who will take this beautiful trophy home!

Make sure you #Tunein tomorrow at #BOIR16

#Guy #Portelli

5:42 PM 1 anno ago

Thanks to everyone for the #sundances today!

Can we keep the rain away tomorrow too? #BOIR16

5:34 PM 1 anno ago

Thanks to Pirelli for all of your hard work today!

#PZero #ThePerfectFit #BOIR16

4:21 PM 1 anno ago

Malvisi Radio 87.6 @ #BOIR2016

Ascoltate la musica dal vivo di #radiomalvisi con le ultime noticie dal Paddock del #bestofitalyrace #BOIR2016

4:11 PM 1 anno ago

James Stockdale living the life!

It’s not every day you get to give Sandro Munari a lift back to the Paddock.. #BOIR16 #Maserati #quattroporte #taxi

4:00 PM 1 anno ago

Looks like a fun night ahead!


3:45 PM 1 anno ago

Starting at 5pm..

Miss #Motors #Concourse & fashion show! #BOIR16

3:16 PM 1 anno ago

The #SuperBikes are here!

Check them out, now back at the Paddock! #BOIR16

1:53 PM 1 anno ago

So thankful to have been in the presence of this beautiful #Pagani today!

Thanks to the whole team, you’ve been great! #BOIF16

1:25 PM 1 anno ago

Back to the paddock we go!

Join us and see the cars! Live music from DJ Blonde Ambition & much more! #BOIR16

12:53 PM 1 anno ago

Got your paddock pass Yet?

Our guest attractions are here all weekend, from fine #wines to the best #Gelato around! #BOIR16

12:10 PM 1 anno ago

An impressive show today! #BOIF16

More coverage throughout today but the cars have all taken off! #Staytuned

11:55 AM 1 anno ago

Luigi in his #Lamborghini..

Driving it #loud & #proud at #BOIR16

11:45 AM 1 anno ago

Jodie Finally showing us the power of the Super #Monoposto #Maserati project!

#Thereshegoes #BOIR16 #Maserati

11:18 AM 1 anno ago

And there off!

Catch me if you can! #BOIR16

11:16 AM 1 anno ago

Ready.. set..

Go! BOIR16

10:56 AM 1 anno ago

An appearance from the one and only!

Sandro Manari at #BOIR16






10:47 AM 1 anno ago

It’s time to test the speed of this huge range of #Supercars

Aldo Zilli & Jodie Kidd ready to race! #BOIR16

10:38 AM 1 anno ago

The starting line!

The #race will soon be starting and the crew are ready to catch some #Supercars in action.. #BOIR16

10:32 AM 1 anno ago

We're excited.. Are you?

Driver briefing has started at the #BestOfItalyFestival! #showtime #BOIF16

10:21 AM 1 anno ago

Raring to go!

#BOIF16 Driver Briefing starting shortly at the #Pirelli stand!

10:20 AM 1 anno ago

The incredible #Pirelli


9:54 AM 1 anno ago

Incredible guests at #BOIF16!

Giacomo Agostini – Greatest Motorcycle Racer of all time, 15 time motorcycle World Champion!

9:39 AM 1 anno ago

Final preparations!

A quick cleanup ready for the race! Who will take the trophy home.. #BOIF16

9:16 AM 1 anno ago

Get to the Paddock entrance!

All information is available and a #Paddockpass for only €10

9:03 AM 1 anno ago

#Pirelli are here!

Pop over and say #hello! #Plenty of attractions at #BOIF16

8:46 AM 1 anno ago

Need help? You can't miss us!

Find our friendly #Staff for all you need to know today! #BOIF16

8:40 AM 1 anno ago

Don't miss the Super Monoposto!

With Jodie Kidd at the wheel!

8:21 AM 1 anno ago

#Herecomesthesun! And we say.. It's alright!

#Kickingoff #BOIF16 with the #Mediateam! #Makingithappen!

7:57 AM 1 anno ago

Wakey Wakey #RiseandShine!

We love waking up to this! #BOIF16 is about to make #History

2:53 PM 1 anno ago

Classic cars @ #BOIR2016

You can also see a classic cars at Best Of Italy Rece 2016 – visit us this Saturday and Sunday

2:22 PM 1 anno ago

Best Of Italy Team working hard...

only a day left… #BOIR2016

12:23 PM 1 anno ago

The Race Labels

Our race labels are left and right, always face the woulf to look towards the front

12:16 PM 1 anno ago

One of our main partners - PIRELLI

setting up for a big weeknd – #pirelli #BOIR2016


12:02 PM 1 anno ago

One after the other...

The Suppercars taking over Castell’Arquato #BOIR2016

10:08 AM 1 anno ago

The Registration Desk is Now Open

Meet us st the Registration Desk, open 6pm.

Via Dante Alighieri 27, Castell’Arquato (PC)

(0093) 0523/803903


10:01 AM 1 anno ago

Setting up the Paddck

Watch this page for a live updates…

2:09 AM 1 anno ago

...check this cars! #BOIR206

Thanks to Straight Eight Logistics specialises in classic and luxury car transportation.

8:43 PM 1 anno ago

A range of greates superscars just arrived

We are waiting for more…. #BOIR2016

9:44 AM 1 anno ago

#BOIR2016 - this Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Mancano solo 2 giorni, sei pronto per il Best Of Italy Race 2016? Castell’Arquato PC, 16-18 Settembre 2016, biglietti ancora disponibili per le categorie bici e moto -acquistali


2:22 PM 1 anno ago

Meet motorsport Stars and Legends

Buy Paddock Pass Online.

Celebrity Legents at Best Of Italy Festival Patners2 Celebrity Legents at Best Of Italy Festival Patners3 Celebrity Legents at Best Of Italy Festival Patners

There are opportunities to meet and get autographs from motorsport
Legends and Celebrities at Best Of Italy Festival 2016, 16-18 September

Jodie Kidd – Model, TV presenter and Maserati Driver
Ago, Giacomo Agostini – Greatest Motorcycle Racer of all time, 15 time motorcycle World Champion !
Sandro Munari – ‘Dragon’, The rally man who made Lancia Stratos famous
Joe Macari – London’s exclusive independent supercar dealer

The Best of Italy Race 2016 boasts an unrivalled collection of unique
Italian vehicles, great exhibitions, fine food and a range of attractions for everyone.
Join us from early morning till late evening. There will be a lots to see and do.

Weekend Tickets – £15  NOW ONLY £10 Adults, Free entry for kids under 12.


All tickets are shipped Worldwide or available for collection from our office in Castell’Arquato
(2 mins from paddock entrance).

10:24 PM 1 anno ago


prenderà parte al Best of Italy Race in entrambe le giornate di sabato 17 e domenica 18 Settembre !

Per tutti i motociclisti possessori di moto italiane che volessero iscriversi e vivere l’emozione di Best of Italy Race accanto a lui, ricordiamo che sono disponibili sconti particolari riservati a gruppi e Club che iscriveranno almeno 3 persone. Per info e contatti per le iscrizioni scrivere a info@bestofitalyrace.com.
Per tutti coloro che volessero conoscerlo nell’area Paddock, ricordiamo di prenotare il Paddock pass presso il nostro ufficio di Castell’Arquato oppure online su  weekend-paddock-pass

About event


About Festival

Between September 16 and 18 the quiet town of Castell’Arquato will be transformed into a buzzing furore of energy and excitement, as 150+ Supercars and Motorbikes, as well as 500 top cyclists take part in the inaugural Best of Italy Festival 2016, celebrating the very best Italian brands, food and wine. Piazza’s will become street-food markets and you can get up close and personal with the greatest cars and motorbikes ever made.

The theme running throughout the weekend will be one that reflects on the past, observes the current and looks to the future of motorised transport, with a display of Italian vehicles from bygone eras, current market-leaders and future concepts for all to enjoy.





10:00 – 18:00 Registration of supercars and motorbikes
20:00 – 24:00 Cocktail Party in Castell’Arquato for race participants


08:00 – 09:30 Registration
10:15 Drivers’ briefing in Paddock area
10:30 Motorbikes follow F3 pace cars
11:00 Supercars follow Osella race cars
11:30 Meet in Lugagnano Piazza for the 200m drag

Continue on to Morfasso

13:00 Set lunch in Morfasso
15:00 Return to Paddock area in Castell’Arquato
15:30 Special factory car revealed
17:00 Miss Supercar competition and fashion show

Music by DJ Blonde Ambition

Enjoy local food and drink stalls

20:00 – 22:00 Live music in the Paddock
22:15 Contemporary dance performance by Arteare dancy company


10:00 Motorbikes follow F3 pace cars
10:30 Supercars follow Osella race cars
11:00 Road bikes compete for King of the Mountain title
11:15 Fixed wheel cycle race
13:00 Lunch in Morfasso

Coaches are available between Castell’Arquato and Morfasso for staff and supporters.


Supercars and Sporting Legends at Best of Italy Festival 2016 Paddock

The Best of Italy Race 2016 boasts an unrivalled collection of unique Italian vehicles, great exhibitions, fine food and a range of attractions for everyone. Join us from early morning till late evening. There will be a lots to see and do.

Weeknd Paddock Pass will give you access to:

Supercar Paddock BUY NOW

This is where the rarest and most exclusive Italian supercars will be parked when not on the road.
Marques on display include Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Lancia and Romeo Ferraris. Includes access to the Start Line for the 26 Km Hill Climb (for the Supercar, Motorbike and Cycling race.)

Exhibitors Stand

Car manufacturers including Pagani and Abarth will showcase both new and prototype models with an exclusive reveal.

Supercar Experiences


– Buy Passenger Experience Entry and accompany one of our supercar drivers.
– Experience full motion Pirelli F1 Racing Simulation at the F1 Stand, a truly remarkable experience for all.



Meet Stars and Legends

There are opportunities to meet and get autographs from motorsport Legends and Celebrities:

Celebrity Legents at Best Of Italy Festival Patners2 Celebrity Legents at Best Of Italy Festival Patners3 Celebrity Legents at Best Of Italy Festival Patners

Jodie Kidd – Model, TV presenter and Maserati Driver
Ago, Giacomo Agostini – Greatest Motorcycle Racer of all time, 15 time motorcycle World Champion !
Sandro Munari – ‘Dragon’, The rally man who made Lancia Stratos famous
Joe Macari – London’s exclusive independent supercar dealer

Merchandising stands

– Best Of Italy Race
– Kuthai
– Pirelli
– Official Alfa and Abarth merchandise

Kids entertainment


– Party clown
– Stilt walkers
– Gelato
– F1 Simulator




Discover local food, famous Franciacorta Wine and try the best Italian Gelato.

On The Stage

– Miss Supercar Competition – Twelve Miss Motors Concourse contestants will compete for the crown of Miss Supercar. On stage in sportswear, swimwear, and evening dress categories.
– Dance Performance
– Live Music with UK DJ Blonde Ambition
– Artists tent, including illustrations from John Springs and photography from Alberto Bravini

Live updates


– Malvisi Radio transmitting live
– F1 style interviews
– Free photography with your favourite car and live updates on our website and all social media.


Do you have an Italian Supercar, Motorcycle or Cycle and would like to participate in Best of Italy Festival 2017?

We are inviting the very best Supercars, Motorcycles and Cycles to take part in this years festival, so if you would like the opportunity to take part in this unique event, we need to hear from you. You can register your interest and we will contact you at our earliest convenience. If you have concerns over milage implications on your vehicle, we are have logistics solutions on global scale and already have participant enquiries from all over the World.

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