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2016 Festival
16-18 September 2016

2017 Race
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Celebrity Legents at Best Of Italy Festival Patners2 Celebrity Legents at Best Of Italy Festival Patners3 Celebrity Legents at Best Of Italy Festival Patners

Meet and collect autographs from motorsport
Legends and Celebrities at Best Of Italy Festival 2016, 16-18 September

Jodie Kidd – Model, TV presenter and Maserati Driver
Giacomo Agostini – Greatest Motorcycle Racer of all time, 15 time motorcycle World Champion !
Sandro Munari – The man who made Lancia Stratos famous
Joe Macari – London’s exclusive independent supercar dealer

The Best of Italy Race 2016 boasts an unrivalled collection of unique
Italian vehicles, great exhibitions, fine food and a range of attractions for everyone.



Our mission from the Race Director

The Race and Tour celebrates the passion, style, technology and design integrity of Italian industry in Emilia Romagna. No country, past or present, can boast of so many desirable brands. Now you can enjoy unrivalled racing alongside the good food, fine hospitality and passion of its people.

Our logo symbolises the power, captured by futurist artists, of speed: fast trains, aeroplanes and grand prix cars.

In ‘al boco lupo’ means ‘in the mouth of the wolf’ and represents ambition, risk taking, and luck being with you.


Live your dreams.
In bocca al lupo!

SUPER CARS, BIKES & BICYCLES brands participating in the Best Of Italy Race & Tour